Work Experience


Work experience is a very useful title to have on your CV. Employers will be able to know how dedicated and trustworthy you are to your work, they will also know how capable you are in a workplace. This can also inform your employer of what you’re comfortable of doing and what your strengths are, meaning they can give you work you can do.


You can get Work Experience from many different types of placements, some of the placements you could do are:

  • Summer Internships
  • Year Placements
  • International Work Experience
  • Year 10 Work Experience


You can do work experience in many different places of work, as a young person looking for a placement, you could ask many different places for a job, you could ask somewhere like a charity shop, or a primary school or kindergarten. If none of that interests you, you could always call up a company that is part of something you enjoy and offer to do your placement there.

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