Work Experience – Jack White

8th March 2019 

I have been studying and working with IT, since 11 years old, I am now 16, always learning new things along the way. I am from Palmer’s College in Grays, I am currently on a 90 credit IT diploma, i have been assigned work experience here at Basildon IT, I’ve been here for a week and learned new things, I was assigned here from my college, to learn new things and get a better understanding of what a work place will be like in the future. Work Experience is the next step in which I take to get a proper job and start earning, my work experience has been very crucial to my confidence and when going into a job.

I am very passionate about IT and I can’t see myself in any other job in the future, IT has taken me by interest ever since I started learning it way back in my secondary school. At my college I am currently working on a project for a client who has recently come in to look at my website, and she gave me some feedback on my website that I was creating for around a month in total, I have learned new things and have applied my skills and upgraded my website where feedback was given, I will apply all my skills to any job i go into in the future.