Work Experience – Brendon Gutteridge

As a general I’ve had an interest in technology for most of my life. This mainly includes playing video games on various systems including PC, which was one of the biggest draws to technology was the idea of interactive entertainment, this led to me using various programs found online to either create my own games or mainly modify older games, this later led to trying to create game using websites, where the website itself is the game, simple but enjoyable. I also dabbled in simple code and batch files to create text-based games, or simple programs. Eventually this led to doing three years of games development at college.

My education in the field of IT is a GCSE in IT and 3 years of Games Development in college, and 2 weeks work experience prior to this in which I learned to use Visual Studio to a certain extent along with C# coding and more advanced batch programming.

My current work placement was at the recommendation of the Prince’s Trust & my work coach from Universal Credit, to help me improve my current skills and my current employability, during the course of the placement, I hope to also learn new skills, programming and programs, and adapt to a working environment. The skills that I hope I learn on this placement may very well help me find a job in either the IT industry or perhaps even the Games Industry as the skills may very well be transferable.