More Information

What does Work Experience actually involve?

Work Experience will vary depending on where you chose to work, when you go and how long you’re there for. If it’s just for a week or two, you may be involved with assistant type tasks such as administration with little responsibility. But on longer programmes such as Traineeships you could get more responsibility and have regular meetings with your employer with formal evaluations at the end of your programme.

If you can really show what you’re made of, some employers offer a full-time position or supported training programmes to help you become a full-time member of staff.

Why Work Experience is SO important

Work Experience allows you to gain an insight of what it’s like to work in a workplace, as well as improve your skills. The Princes Trust spoke with young people they help into employment who said that ‘work experience is vital in helping them find work as it helps them break the cycle of ‘no experience – no job, no job – no experience’ that many young people searching for jobs fall into.

  • You’ll learn new skills
  • Learn about the job
  • Know what you want to do later into life
  • You’ll be safe & supported by your employer
  • You might get food & travel funding to help you get there

Deciding on what to do for work experience

If you know exactly what you want to do, well done! Not many people do! If you do know this, the best thing to do is start thinking about where you could find work experience near you in the industry you’re interested in.

  • Looking for a career in Catering? Think about local restaurants and pubs!
  • Want a career in Marketing? Research local marketing agencies or contact local organisations and see if they have a marketing department!
  • Or how about a career in Medicine? Speak to your local pharmacy or hospital!
  • Maybe a career in Finance? Talk to local banks or accounts offices, or speak to local employers as they may have an accounts department!